Day 43 – Put Yourself Out There

You have to put yourself out there. If you can’t put what you’re thinking out there then why are you creating anything? Who gives a fuck if it sucks? Do you think Louis CK killed his entire career? Fuck no. You have to put yourself out there so you can get the feedback you need to change or leave your material alone.

Don’t pigeon hole yourself. When you find your niche or the type of material you like to put out there don’t just feed that beast. It actually gives you the freedom to find another niche. Build your “clown” as Mark Maron likes to call the stage persona. To make it complete you can’t do one style of jokes your whole career. You have to evolve. If you don’t want to evolve by all means don’t.  Please make it easier for me to move around you.

A lot of times I’m terrified to put out my podcast. I think it blows. I’m underprepared and I ramble to fill time. I still put it out though. It’s part of the creation process for me. I can’t just make something and hate it or think everyone is going to hate it. If I put it out there and it strikes a chord in someone then if I would have kept it on the shelf than what would have been the point of even recording it? It would have been lost.

I put out a lot of content in different places. I’m not saying it’s all impressive but I love to contribute. I love to get people talking. Bad press is good press. Get people talking about your stuff. If what people are saying about your material is negative, good. If your best friend says it’s stupid, good. You know one of two things:

  1. You’re doing something right (Jealousy)
  2. You need to make changes (Get advice)

Whatever you do, don’t hold back. Put yourself out there. If you plan on being a comedian or writer or whatever else you plan on being you’ll never get there second guessing everything you do. So what if you bomb. Everyone does.


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