Day 44 – Learning How to Take Advice from People that Know, Instead of Being a Prima Donna

We early careered comedians are so fucking stupid sometimes. Remember when you finally got the nerve and decided to go up on stage because you thought it would be easy and you are, just oh so funny. Then years down the road you still think you’re funny doing a bunch of hack jokes you stole from a joke book and changed two words so now it’s yours. Then someone gives you advice and you throw it to the floor. Why? You’re snide comments about everyone else’s act are just reflections of your own shit career. Being a two-faced diva is not going to win over any crowds, let alone your peers.

From my own personal experience I thought I was gonna walk in and take the comedy world by storm. HA-FUCKING-HA. Any comedian who’s been around for more than a year knows that is all wishful thinking. It’s a bit more than just getting up on stage and telling jokes. They also have to be funny. There’s nuances in your act that you don’t know about because you either don’t record your act or you think you are above the advice someone gives you. Then you just sit in the back of the room complaining that everyone else who you think is less deserving gets work and you don’t. Well they do. They’ve taken some advice. They’ve learned a thing or two.

I started out by thinking that most comics in my area weren’t that funny. I wasn’t wrong. However I didn’t take into account that a lot of times I would be judging some of the comedians on workout material and not their tried and true routine. I was foolish. It takes more than a month to be funny. I thought I was funny from day 1 because I could make some douche bag I hung out with laugh when we had conversations. Tell the audience the same shit and your little inside joke gets silence.

Out of every 50 comedians I would go as far to say that only about 10 are worth listening to. The others will be worth listening to after a few years (maybe). It all depends on how they decide to handle the pressure. You have to get funny eventually or disappear. Egos aren’t just bruised on a stage. They’re murdered. They don’t come back. Unless you have it all figured out because you are a protégé then take some advice. Don’t go years and years without taking any or at the very least taking your own. I know my good judgment has told me to change some things and I didn’t. When I finally came around it worked out for the better.

Just because someone gives you advice doesn’t make it worthwhile. I know I said take advice. If some moron tells you some kind of advice you know isn’t close to being legit don’t take it. Or ask someone else what they think about the advice that was just given to you. Ask someone who’s been around a while his opinion. Just take it with a grain of salt. That’s all I’m saying.

You live and you learn. If your dad told you not to jump your car off a cliff because you’ll never get any pussy but you do it anyways and you do… jump your car off the mother fucking cliff then. You can take advice and go against it and come out on top. Or you can take it and fail. Whatever you do, don’t think you deserve more than you do and don’t think you’re better than everyone else. If you were people would be saying, “He’s the next Louis Ck.” But they don’t say that so shut the fuck up.

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